All our attenuators are manufactured to the current DW154 ducting specification for plastic and also to specific customer requirements . We also manufacture acoustic enclosures and hoods from UPVC , Fire Retardant Polypropylene of which some of these require GRP as reinforcement mainly on the larger units or were customers specify.

Types of Attenuators

  • Circular Attenuators can be manufactured with sprigot, flanged or threaded end rings and can be fitted with or without pods depending on the attenuation required.
  • Rectangular Attenuators can be made with either flanged or sprigot ends, these can also be fitted with or without pods.
  • Bend Attenuators – these are normally made when the ducting requiring the attenuation cannot take the length of a standard attenuator, the bend attenuator would be used and again the connections would be to suit customer requirements.
  • Modular Attenuators are normally used when a large unit is required were access may be difficult or when the unit required is to large to be made in one. These attenuators are made in sections to fit together to make one large unit.

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